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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting The Car Working On Round 2

This week I took my car in for more work. I am glad to say it only cost me $326 to get it fixed. Okay, not everything is fixed but the things that are not fix cost more to fix then I what to put into the car. I am going to start laying money aside to get a new car. While with these repairs, I got a new motor mount and got a couple coolant leaks fixed. I put off getting the freeze plugs replaced at this time. In order to replace them my mechanic told me that they would have to take the motor out and it would take 14 hours to do the job. That is a little bit more work I want done on the car at this time. I will monitor the coolant to see it the leak is getting worse.

At this point, I plan to only have this car for one more year. I will start saving up the money I need to pay for a new car and look at what kind of cars are for sale. I also hope that I have no more problems with my car until I am able to get a new one. The main reason I am waiting to get a new car, is that I am keeping as much money as I can for Jo Anne's Visa process. All the processing and lawyer's fees involved with it make car repairs look cheap. I am sure that it will be all worth it once Jo Anne and I are here together.

Since over the last month I have spent over half my savings for work on my car, it is time to start building the savings back up. I am glad that God has blessed me with my job that provides for my needs.

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