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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Doing The Brakes

As I said in my post earlier this week, I replaced the brake pads and rotors on my car Saturday afternoon. I hate to say it was a project that made me feel really stupid. Changing the brake pads and rotors is one of the few things I can do on my car myself. While with my current car it seems I do not have the best lucky doing my own work. Today, it seemed like I had one problem after another with doing the brakes. It was not all bad. I got the tires off my easy enough. For those of you who have followed Mountain Highs and Valley Lows for awhile, you may remember a couple months ago when I had a flat tire and could not get the tire off the car. So getting the tire off was a good thing. My jack is a little to small for the car so I guess, I will have to brake down and get a newer larger jack instead of using a piece of wood to raise the jack up higher. My car rolled a little knocking the jack and jack stand over. I forgot to put the parking brake on. I put the parking brake on and got the car jacked back up and on the jack stand. I called my friend and mentor, Keith, for help with the rest of the brake work. Once he arrived, we got to work. After a little work I got the caliper off the passenger side. The pads needed a little encouragement to come off. Then my clamp I had was to small to push the caliper back. While trip to the hardware store to get a bigger clamp.

We got the clamp and got back to my car to finish the brakes up. I got the new pad and rotor on the passenger side. I had a hard time getting the caliper with the new pads back over the rotors. After a little more adjustment on the caliper, I got it back on and the passenger side finished up.

I got the tire off the driver's side then I got a phone call. When I got back from answering the call Keith had the old pads and rotors off. I told him that I should give up on working on my car myself and have him do the work. His answer was, “Then who I am I to watch to learn from their mistakes so I can make it look easy.” While the driver's side went a lot easier then the passenger side. I am so blessed to have such good friends like Keith. We got the brake finish in time for we to out to help my sister.

As you can see in the picture here of my brake pads need to be changed badly. There was no pads left. I did not hear the noise the pads make when they are low this time. If had I would have had the pads changed a lot sooner. I hope I am not that deaf, that I can not hear my brakes grinding. I guess I just was not paying attention to the different noise my car makes enough. The brakes are done and on to the next thing I need to fix on the car. I plan on taking the car in next week to my regular and trusted mechanic to the other problems checked out. I hope it will not cost too much to resolve the remaining problems. I am glad that I have had very few problems with my car even with its age. I hope to get at least another year out of it. When you have a good car and it is not nickel and diming you, why worry about getting a new car.


BluesVox said...

Hey Dan Thanks for the visit and welcome back. I have been absent awhile now but hoping to change that soon. Enjoyed the brake job and probably more thank you did but good work getting it done. Not the easiest thing to work on these cars now adays at least not like the 70 models were.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Thank for the comment BluesVox. Again it is good to see you back.

It seems to get hard and hard to work on car yourself these days. I do not know much about working on car but like to be able to do the few things I do know.

BluesVox said...

Yes me too. We have 2 cars and both are mid 80's and paid for so like to get all I can out of them. Hate the thought of a car payment lol.