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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Unexpected Break From Blog

While, it has been all most two weeks since I posted something on Mountain Highs and Valley Lows. I have had a lot going on with the Blog, work and a little movement with Jo Anne's Visa.

Jo Anne did a couple post last week on some things she has been doing. I could not see the pictures she posted with the post, so Jo Anne and I worked on fixing that technical error all week. I am glad we got the pictures working on Saturday. In solving the problem, we learned a better way to post picture slideshow for Mountain Highs and Valley Lows.

I what to do a couple different things on Mountain Highs and Valley Lows but all my free time was taking up by getting the pictures working. I worked 9 hours shifts last week. Between the longer hours and work and the hot temperatures in the warehouse, I do not feel like doing much more then sleep. With the typhoons that made landfall in the Philippines, I had a couple hotter days then Jo Anne did. I had problems with my cell phone last week end and Verizon sent me a replacement phone which I got on Tuesday. I am glad the new phone seems to work a lot better but I do have a little problem with the G button on it. I will deal with that problem for now as long as nothing else happens.

While waiting for the package with my replacement cell phone and talking with Jo Anne on Tuesday morning, the kids of the white trash neighbor decided to start throwing their toys and trash all over their, my other neighbor's and my yards. I talked with the maintenance guy and he told me they would be kicked out soon. I did not get a chance to clean up my yard until Saturday. While cleaning my yard up I saw the my back window was broke by one or more of the toys thrown on Tuesday. The when down and reported the damage to the manager and she told me the some great news. My white trash neighbor is moving out and they were supposed to be out by Monday. They are gone now and left a lot of trash laying around but they are gone. I hate to see a family with kids kicked out of their house but if they want to live like animals they can do it somewhere else.

At work I have been working 9 hour shifts last week and the rest of this week. I hope I work this Saturday, so I can save more money for getting Jo Anne here. Work seems to be a little slower then last year. I thank God that I have a job especially one where I get overtime when so many do not have work.

Okay, now for the part you been reading this post for. Last Monday, I received a letter from USCIS informing me of an appointment I needed to go to Charlotte, North Carolina. I drove down to Charlotte yesterday and they took my figure prints. The appointment only took ten minutes and that includes checking in. The staff there was very friendly and made me feel a ease as I was very nervous. The lawyer that is helping us told me it maybe a month to three months after this appointment that we hear if the Visa is approved the Department of Homeland Security and sent over the State Department.

After the appointment, I went to the Billy Graham Library and drove around down town Charlotte. I need to plan a trip down to Charlotte where I came park my car and walk around the downtown and explore. I will have to ask my friends that live in Charlotte where are the best places to park and the best way to get to them. Charlotte has a lot of one way street and then you are aloud to turn on to them on some of the crossroads. I need to come up with a standing plan for Charlotte so I have a plan if the next appointment comes on a short notice like this one. Charlotte is a two hour drive and it is not worth the travel down for just a ten minute appointment. While the trip is worth getting my Love here just not wise to only do the appointment.

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