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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting The Car Worked On

I guess I have been lucky with my car being it is a 1996 model, only having to do a few repairs outside of the regular maintenance stuff on it. Last week, I got my regular oil change for the car. Monday, I took into the transmission shop to have a leak in the side pan replace. There went $440 and that was after the discount they gave me. Normally, they charge over $600 to do the job. They pointed out a few problems they found with my car as they were working on it. I can trust there option since they only do transmission work and they are not trying to get more money by saying there is a problem just so they can charge me more to fix it. On top of that I was already aware of most of the problems they point out.

This coming weekend, I will be replacing the brake pads and rotors. I knew that I would have to change them soon just not this soon. At least, I know how to do the brakes. Save a little money on the labor for doing it myself.

Since it is my turn to drive for the car-pool next week for work, I will take my car to my regular mechanic the following week. Most the other work deals with the motor. I do not want to mess to much with that part of the car at this point in my skill level with cars. I have a coolant leak, which I was aware of before the transmission shop told me about it. One of my spark plugs is misfiring and I hope that does not mean I have the same problem I had before with my motor. I hope that changing the hoses and the spark plugs will take care of the problem. The last time my spark plug was miss firing it was because coolant was getting into where the spark plug was and causing problem. That cost me around $500 to fix. Why someone would put a plastic part on a motor I have no idea.

The other problem was one of my motor mounts is broke. That is something normal there. This is the first on this car. I had one car that it seemed that I was replacing motor mounts all the time on it. The labor is the big part of fixing a motor mount. They can do it while doing the hoses.

It is times like this that I have been saving up money. Okay, I would rather be using the money for the immigration stuff for Jo Anne but I need to take care of the car. I am sure God will provide the money we need for the immigration process as he does with everything else. The car is not nickel and dime me yet. I plan to get a new car after Jo Anne gets here in the United States. I hope when we both have jobs to have two cars. Of course, Jo Anne will have the better of the two cars as it should be. The good thing is I believe I can cover the brakes with my pay check this week and will not have to take out from my saving for them. Beside, I am waiting for my nine-month pay raise to kick in. I will get retro pay back to the second week of August when out the raise on my check. I thank God for his previsions.

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