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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Waiting For The Maintenance Man

This morning, I got up to wait for the maintenance man to come fix where rain water comes in my back door. I reported this several months ago and nothing was done. I cleaned the leaves and other junk from under the door and that helped a little. The rain did not leak in unless there was a heavy rain. With spring and summer afternoon storm now, we have had more heavy rains which means finding pools of water in the hallway by the back door when I get home at night. I reported it to the manager again and she said she would have the maintenance guys work on it this week. The good news is the one of maintenance men stopped by yesterday morning and looked at the back door. He said he would come this morning. I heard that before. The maintenance men are great guys but they get to talking to someone and time gets away from them. I am one that if I say I am going to be somewhere at a specific time, you can count on me being on time or early. It drive me nuts having to wait for people who are late and you do not know if they are really coming. While, He showed up a quarter to noon and got things fixed up. It seems like what he did will work. At least it looks nice. I have to wait until the next rain to see, which should be sometime this week.

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