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Monday, July 18, 2011

Hard Decisions

A friend called me Saturday asking me if I could help a young man that he has been trying to help get his life in order. The young man has been staying at the local mission for the homeless. He had run out of time to stay at the mission any longer. My friend asked me if I would be willing to let him stay at my house while he got established with things. My friend was hoping that I would be able to share some of the things I have been through in my life and encourage the young man.

I told my friend I would need to think and pray about it. If I did let the young man stay with me, we needed to get something for him to sleep on since I do not have a couch or another bed at my house. I went on out to do photo request for Find A Grave. I do some of my best thinking in cemeteries. I wrestled with this decision all Saturday afternoon and evening. I was still going back and forth on my choice. I want to used the blessings from God to be a blessing to others. This would be a great opportunity to be a blessing to someone. I could share with him how I hit bottom and made changes to improve my life. My friend thought I would be able I would most be a help with money issues since that was the biggest change that helped me. Getting your money settled will make a lot of other problems easier to deal with.

I was upset with myself because I was struggling with my decision to help. I kept coming up with reasons not to help. I had no place for him to sleep but my friend could help with getting a bed or a couch. I am extremely private person and like my alone time. Okay, I spend most of my waking hours talking with Jo Anne if I am not working. I do need to step out of my comfort zone. That I would need to makes arrangements with my landlord for the the young man to stay with me. I am sure that would not be a problem since the manager says I am one of the their best tenants. Of course, I would like to stay of their best tenants. The biggest problems I was having was the young man's history of drug use. He completed a drug rehabilitation program and did good in the program that he stayed on as a helper for the program. If I let him stay with me the big rule would be no drugs. Any drugs in the house would mean him being kick out of my place.

On Sunday morning, I decided to let the young man move in for just a couple months to work on getting established. Of course, he would have to kept a job and stay off drugs. I still felt uneasy about my decision. I though it was because I was going to be stepping out of my comfort zone. I was my friend at church Sunday morning and he was very upset and talking with some other friends. When I walked up, he said he was glad I said I needed to pray about it. The reason my friend was upset, was that the young man stole some copper from him. On top of stealing from my friend the young man was high on drug when he came to talk witth my friend. He felt betrayed and at a lost for what to do now. His other friends and I told him the best thing would be to the the matter over to the police. Our thinking was not to get even with the young man but to get him some help he needs. Unfortunately, he most likely needs to hit bottom before he starts making the changes he needs to make in his life.

I met up with my friend late on Sunday. He had taking a warrant out for the young man. My friend was still upset, telling me he wanted to be a blessing to the young man and now he felt he was making the young man life worse. I told my friend that maybe getting the law involved maybe want the young man need to start the changes he needs. He already been in trouble with the law some 13 times before in the county. My friend had talked with the young man's parents and told them want happen and want he had done. I am glad to says while I was talking with my friend last night things where starting to move into a plan of action to help the young man. Part of the plan is to get the District Attorney to have the young man go into a drug rehabilitation program. I hope it works and the young man does have a lot of support including my friend. The young man has a tough trail to a better life since drug addiction is a hard habit to overcome. I believe he will make it with the love and support of the many people around him.

People can change but the start of that is the person getting to a point were the want to change. I guess, I was have so much trouble with this decision because God was telling we the young man was not ready for the help I was going to give. Maybe later down the road, I will be able to help him with advice and other things but not a place to stay since soon Jo Anne will be here and I will need to see to her protection. I while continue to look for opportunities to use my blessings to be a blessing to other people in different ways.

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