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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Good To Have A Rainy Day

It is so good to see it rainy today. We have been dry here even with the afternoon showers. Fortunately, we are not as dry as the coast of North Carolina and the States of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona where they have really bad wild fires burning now. I heard that Texas had a fire in every county at one time. That is a lot of fire.

The good time about the rain it makes it cooler outside and at work. It gives hot in the warehouse where I work since there is no air condition on the work floor. A rainy day makes it cooler in the warehouse.

The rain also helps the flower and plants grow. I have been working on getting more green to grow in the yard around my place. It seems to be working but I do need to get some grass seed to put down. Next year, if I am still here with Jo Anne, I hope to plant a garden with flowers and vegetables. I was going to do it this year but I have been so busy with so many other things. I have done some home improvement projects around my place. I try to do a little here and there as I have free time and a little extra money. I have been lucky to get some things to use in the yard for free.

Front steps. The brinks were free and the I used two bags of mulch for both front and back door steps.

Back steps.

Table and chairs on the front pouch that I got for ten dollars last summer from a neighbor.

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