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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Brother's Birthday Dinner

July 1, was my brother, Steven's birthday. Mom and I took him and his girlfriend, Velma, out to pizza buffet in town to celebrate both their birthdays. We took them out to dinner tonight since I had to work last night. Mom had them over for dinner last night which she does each Friday.

Even though we only took them out to the restaurant they enjoyed their time out. The outings give them a little break from the group home. I feel sad for some of the people who live at the group home with Steven and Velma, who have one come visit them. Life is not bad at the group home where they live. The staff takes the residences to different places. Many of the things, Steven gets to do at the group home he would be able to do living with mom.

We first made arrangements for Steven to live in the group home because he was involved with people who were taking advantage of him because of his mental handicap. The group home has been a good thing for him. He has his own room, good friends, and the staff sees that his needs are taking care of each day. The best thing is that mom live only a few minutes drive away which makes visits easy.

I feel better about celebrating Steven's birth on the second. My grandmother passed away on July 1, 1999. We did not tell Steven about Grandma's passing until the next day. It was hard not to tell him but we did not want to roughen his birthday with the sad news. My mind is normally more on remembering my grandmother on his birthday.

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joeh said...

Steven has a great Bro!