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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Blogger And Picasa Going To Be Rebranding

According to a tech news e-mail I got from the Kim Komando Show there is talk going around the internet that Google is going to rename Blogger and Picasa. This rebranding is part of Google links more of its services to Google+. Blogger is be be renamed Google Blogs and Picasa is to be named Google Photos.

I use both these services and love the features. I also like the names. Changing the names to Google Blogs and Google Photos makes think Google is trying to be like Yahoo in their naming of services. Why do we have to make everything look the same? The differences that we have is what makes life interesting and fun. The different names like Blogger and Picasa tells me that this company in creative in the name of their product as the services. Maybe Google and Yahoo and secretly in talk to become one company. Okay kidding, I doubt that is happen. This rebranding does makes the two companies look more alike. Blogger and Picasa are great brands and I have recommended them to my friends and family to use. I am sure Google will continue to offer great services after the rebranding. The unique names of their service adds to the service and helps them stick out. The names give you imagines in your mind of being a important Blogger or being Picasso while working on your blog and photos. That will be lost in the rebranding of Blogger and Picasa.

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