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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Well Needed Surprised!

It has been a slow week at work this week so it was a surprise when my lead came to me yesterday and said we be working Saturday and it was monitory. No one was expecting having to work since we had a light workload this week and were not to far behind and first was already schedule to work Saturday. After a little checking, I find out that 6000 orders dropped into our computer system on Friday. With the end of the month and the Fourth of July holiday coming that means overtime.

I have been working a lot of overtime here of late. I was looking forward to having a Saturday to relax a little and work on some projects for my Blogs. I am glad that I have to work tonight because it means extra money for the Visa process that Jo Anne and I are going through. For my new follows, Jo Anne lived in the Philippines and I live in North Carolina in the United States. We are working on getting a Visa for Jo Anne so me can get married. I have been savings as much money as I can to pay the processing fees, lawyer, and plane tickets. With so many people out of work now, I feel blessed to have a job and one that pays good for the area and has overtime. I would be living pretty good if it was not for the Visa process but, it is worth every bit to be with the woman at I love. As you can see working tonight was a well needed surprise!

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