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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shortest Man In The Philippines, Biggest Twins Was Here

I like to check the news in the Philippines when I come online. I have been readin some of the news articles about the newest holder of the World's Shortest Man. He is Junrey Balawing in Sindangan, Philippines and stands at 23 and a half inches or 60 centimeters. Guinness World Records certified him as the shortest man in the world. I hope you read more about him in this Washington Post article.

In reading about the newest shortest man record holder it reminds me that here in Hendersonville, North Carolina, we had our own World Record holders. Benny Loyd and Billy Leon McCrary, who were the world's heaviest twins were born and live in Hendersonville. I did not know them personally but people who I talked to who knew them said they were very friendly guys. They traveled the world often riding motorcycles. Billy died on July 14, 1979. Benny came off the road after his brother died settled down in Hendersonville. He was running a pawn shop in Hendersonville when he passed away on March 26, 2001. They are buried next to their parents at the Crab Creek Baptist Church Cemetery some 8 miles outside of Hendersonville.

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