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Monday, June 06, 2011

Gamewll, Lenoir and Taylorsville

I just finish the section of US Highway 64 East between Morganton and Statesville, North Carolina. It was a enjoyable trip through the countryside. I took more pictures of some churches. Gamewell had some really nice looking churches. I did not stop in Lenoir since Highway 64 goes on the outer part of the town. I stopped in the main part of Taylorsville. The main part of the town is a little off Highway 64 but, made for a nice little rest from driving.I enjoyed looking at the war memorials the front lawn of the Alexander County Courthouse. The Civil War Memorial was the most impressive. I read about how the bell on one on the memorials was saved when the courthouse burned in the 1960s. The courthouse they built to replace it is not very impressive like some courthouses I have seen in North Carolina. I saw one museum that I would have stopped at be I had a truck right on my tail. Maybe if I do this section again I will stop at it.

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