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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Food Journey: Wine Tasting

I enjoy learn more about and experiencing different aspects of great food and eating. I am not a big alcohol drinker. I have a beer every once in a while. I have been try different beers out lately. Unlike beer, wine is something I have little experience with. The wine I have had up to today has not tasted that great to me. I have wanted to learn more about wine.

I have watched television shows that have talked about using different wines with different foods. I have been told and heard many times that I good wine complements the food you eat. I have talked to different people and read different things on wine. Today, I went to a wine tasting at the Wine Emporium at 422 Airport Road in Arden, North Carolina and one at the World Market store in the Target shopping center just down the road.

I found the wine tasting at the Wine Emporium very informative. I would encourage you to go to your local wine store instead of the department or grocery stores for a wine tasting. The staff at the wine store will be more able to answer your questions and able to help direct you to the best wine for you. The wines served at todays wine tasting at the Wine Emporium came from the Rombauer Vineyard in California. I enjoyed the four wines they were tasting today. I like the smooth buttery taste of the Chardonnay. I believe it in Merlot wines are the ones that I do not care much for the taste normally but I even liked the Merlot from Rombauer Vineyard.

In my research on wine today, I learned some answers to some of the questions I had. The vintage refers to the year in which the grapes were picked not the year the wine was bottled. Some of us have seen where people smell and swirl the wine in a glass before tasting it. That is called the five S's, which stands for see, swirl, smell, sip, and spit or swallow. Each step has a purpose besides looking crazy and snobbish. See is to check the color. The swirl gets the aroma of the wine stirred up to make the sniff better. Sniff is for of course for checking the smell of the aroma of the wine. The taste of something is mostly made up of the smell of what we are tasting. Sip is for slowly tasting the wine. You want to take small amounts of wine into your mouth and take time to savor the taste and evaluate it. The last, spit or swallow is your choice. Professionals do spit and it is suppose to help you remember the taste. I just see it as a waste.

As I said before the staff at the Wine Emporium answered some of my questions. I also got and started reading The Pocket Idiot's Guide To Wine by Tara Q. Thomas. Remember as Mrs. Thomas says in The Pocket Idiot's Guide To Wine, the best way is to found a wine is to taste it. I would encourage you to go to a wine tasting at a store or vineyard near you. I plan to take a tour at a winery around here to learn more about how wine is made. Of course, I will post about the trip here.

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