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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Thanking Mom On Mother's Day

Mom is the one who gave us the gift of life. It has a great honor to take time to thank my mother on this Mother's Day. I plan to go with mom to church this morning but my sister renewed her marriage vows at noon. I do not care much for her husband so my brother took her which I went to church. After church, I headed up to Asheville and waited for my mom to call when they finished with my sister. I met up with my brother and mother near the restaurant. After deciding to eat first then doing a little shopping, the three of us eat at Carrabba’s Italian Grill. Mom enjoyed eating with my brother and I, especially since she does not see my brother much with him being busy with work. All of us loved the food and great service. It was mom's and my first time eating at Carrabba's. We will diffidently be eating there again.

After we finished eating, my brother had to head home and mom and I went looking around in some of the store. I got mom a coffee mug she said she liked. I am sure she will get good use of it.I may have to take some of my coffee mugs home to my house so she has room for it. Hey, I like to collect coffee mugs.

Mom has been a great help to me and I try to do things to thank her. Not only on Mother's Day. If your mother is still around please take the time to thank her for the things she has done for you. Mom's gave us life, took care of us when we were sick raised us to be responsible in life, and much more.

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