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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Loan From The Mob Boss

Last night, I had a strange dream about get a loan. First thing is I do not need a loan now and not looking to get one, especially from the source. While on with the story now.

I arrive at the bank and go talk to the loan officer. We talk a little bit and she says that the bank can not give me a loan since I already have one out with them. She then says for me to follower her that she could still help me. I follow her to a house that is very nice and well kept inside. As we enter she says hello to a old woman sit in a chair like one would their grandmother. We continue on to an office in the back of the house. As we enter the room the old man sit at the desk says hello and ask the loan officer how he can help her. She told him that I needed so money and that bank could not loan the money to since I already had a loan. The man looked at me and asked a couple questions about why I needed the money. I answered them. Then he said he would loan me the money and pulled out some papers from his desk. I read the papers, which was a loan contact, over. I signed them once I saw the interest rate for his loan was less then want the bank charged.

I woke at that point. I am very careful when it come to debt and I have worked hard to pay off my debt over the past several years, which have helped me a great deal during this bad economy. I did get a loan several months back to help pay for the processing of Jo Anne's Visa. Outside of that, I only would get a loan for a house to live in. I am preparing to start saving money to get a new car for when my car that I have now need to be replaced. Fortunately, my car still works great and only has small problems. I hope you enjoyed my dream story.

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