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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Activities Planned (You Can Help Choose)

Over the next couple weeks I have a couple things I plan on doing on my time off. I have a couple get-togethers to go to the next two Saturdays. I am also using one of the flex holidays at work the first Monday in June.

This Saturday, I have a Praise and Worship to go to at the house of one of the couples in my Sunday School Class. I am just waiting for a email with the directions to their house. It has been a long time since I have somewhere to sing praise and worship songs outside of services on Sunday morning at church. I do miss doing it and I am sure I will have a great time.

Next Saturday, I am planning on going to a Where's George? Gathering in Brevard. It is be good to see my friends from Where's George? and compare our stats. While over in Brevard, I plan on buying a set of books that I saw the last time I was over there. I hope the store still has them.

The last weekend in May is Memorial Day weekend. At this point, I will at the Monday off. I will spend the weekend relaxing and remembering the man and woman who gave all for the freedoms I enjoy today.

While, my plans for the first weekend in June is not finalized yet. I have a couple things a would like to do. Of course, whatever I end up doing I plan to share my adventure here. So I would like your input on what you think I should do. Please post a comment to tell me your choice.

Here are the options I am considering. You can post a post a comment to tell me which one you think I should take.

First one is a trip on US Highway 64 East heading out of Hendersonville towards the coast of North Carolina. I have already traveled US Highway 64 to Murphy, North Carolina, which is the town before you get to Tennessee. I have only been as far east as Rutherfordton, North Carolina and I want to see what is on US Highway 64 further east. I will take a little time to explore the towns and some of the road side attractions along the way. I have never been to the

Second option is traveling north on the Blue Ridge Parkway up to the Shenandoan National Park in Virginia. The parkway runs through the Appalachian Mountains from the Shenandoan National Park to the Great Smoky National Park in North Carolina. I have been all the way to the Great Smoky National Park. The furthest North on the parkway I have been is to Mount Mitchell State Park. Mount Mitchell is the highest point in the United States east of the Mississippi River.

Third option is a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina to see the Billy Graham Library and other places. I have a couple place in mind but had not decided on any at this time. A tour of downtown will be part of the trip.

Please post a comment with your choice. I will read the comments and make my decision on May 29, 2011. Of course, whichever trip I decide to take I will post about it here.

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Jo Anne said...

Hi my Love, i guess you should take US Highway 64 East on your first trip since you've never been there yet. If you have plan to take another trip then maybe you can take your second and thrid option. You should go on to the place you have never visited yet, im sure you will enjoy your trip seeing different views along the way. :) I wish I could join you. I love you very very very very much. I miss you my Love.