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Monday, May 30, 2011

Enjoyed Memorial Day

I had a enjoyable Memorial Day. I started my day talking with my Love. Unfortunately, Yahoo IM was having problems again on my phone so, Jo Anne and I ended our talk early. After dropping Rayna off at my mom's house and taking a shower, I headed over to the new Goodwill Store and looked around. They were busy and I did not see anything interesting. Then I eat lunch at Chick-fil-a and used their Wi-Fi to get online. I got a couple posts setup for Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments Blog.

After I finished up with things at Chick-fil-a, I stopped at the store to get the last little things we needed for dinner. Then back to mom's house where I took a little nap before cooking dinner. My sister, Mary showed up with her three youngest kids as I got up and went out to get the fire started. I am glad I got the Kingsford charcoal this time. I have the worst luck with the store brand charcoal. I got the fire started and the food cooked quickly. Once the food was done cooking we all enjoyed dinner.

Again, I would like to thank all the men and women who served their country. It is because of they I enjoyed the freedoms I have today.

Thank You, Who Gave All

I would like to take a little time today to say thank you for all who gave all for the freedoms I enjoy today.

Recently Henderson County saw three heroes that we remember today return home for the final time.

United States Army Pfc. Samuel Kelly Watkins, who served in the Korean War. Was captured on February 14, 1951 and presumed dead on March 3, 1954. He was captured as he stayed behind to help remove the wounded when the Army was called back.

United States Marine Lance Cpl Jessie Cassada, who was killed in action on January 6, 2009 in Afghanistan.

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Terry L. Varnadore II, dead in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan this year.

Please take the time to leave a comment about someone you know who gave all for our freedoms.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Camp Out at Caliraya

Last May 19-20,2011 the institution where I worked went on camping at Caliraya Surf Camp in Lumban, Quezon. It is a great experience for me because that is my first time to do camping. We spent two days and one night on the place, no electric power in the area except on the comfort room. Not all the staff had a chance to join the camp out and I can say they really miss the wonderful time we had there. At first, of course we started the activity with a prayer then singing praise and worship songs. The Operation Love team (OL Team) was the one who lead the program for the whole activity. They divided us into 4 groups with respective colors in each team. It's good that I belong to Violet Team which is my favorite color. The OL team prepared an interesting games that give us enjoyment and fun of doing it. The very exciting game we did is the tent making, and i'm glad that my team worked fast in doing it. We did also some games at night before we lighted the bon fire. The Pastor share a short message about Walking in the light which is written in the book of 1 John 1:5-10. Then we close the night with a prayer. On the next day, we need to wake up around 6am for our devotion and exercise. Still we did a few games before we went on boating along the lake. It is very relaxing and we had a great time to unwind and free our mind from work. I wish to go on camping again and hoping the next time I will be with my Love, Daniel already.

Here are some pictures I would like to share. Enjoy viewing!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Loan From The Mob Boss

Last night, I had a strange dream about get a loan. First thing is I do not need a loan now and not looking to get one, especially from the source. While on with the story now.

I arrive at the bank and go talk to the loan officer. We talk a little bit and she says that the bank can not give me a loan since I already have one out with them. She then says for me to follower her that she could still help me. I follow her to a house that is very nice and well kept inside. As we enter she says hello to a old woman sit in a chair like one would their grandmother. We continue on to an office in the back of the house. As we enter the room the old man sit at the desk says hello and ask the loan officer how he can help her. She told him that I needed so money and that bank could not loan the money to since I already had a loan. The man looked at me and asked a couple questions about why I needed the money. I answered them. Then he said he would loan me the money and pulled out some papers from his desk. I read the papers, which was a loan contact, over. I signed them once I saw the interest rate for his loan was less then want the bank charged.

I woke at that point. I am very careful when it come to debt and I have worked hard to pay off my debt over the past several years, which have helped me a great deal during this bad economy. I did get a loan several months back to help pay for the processing of Jo Anne's Visa. Outside of that, I only would get a loan for a house to live in. I am preparing to start saving money to get a new car for when my car that I have now need to be replaced. Fortunately, my car still works great and only has small problems. I hope you enjoyed my dream story.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shopping For Clothes At Thrift Stores

It has been over two years since the last time I brought myself some shirts, pants and shorts. The last time time I went clothes shopping was when I was in the Philippines with my Love, Jo Anne. When I got back from the Philippines, I lost my job. After a little over a year of looking for work and working a nightmare of a job, I got a temp job where I work now. I was hired on as a regular employee in December. Now with summer being the time for overtime and I have gotten settled down with a working budget and have built a little savings up. I decided to take a little money and get some well needed clothes.

I enjoy shopping at thrift store for my clothes. I find a lot of almost new and sometimes new clothes that would cost $20 to $60 for less then $5. Shopping for shorts in a pain at the many of the thrift stores around Hendersonville since many mix the men and women shorts together. It drives me crazy having to dig through women's clothes to find a good pair of shorts for me. Then it is almost impossible to find a pair of jeans in my size a thrift store. I find the sizes smaller and larger. It is like my size jeans are in a black hole when it comes to thrift stores.

While even with the problems I have with Thrift Stores not having the right sizes sometimes. For less then $30 over the last few days, I got seven shirts and three pairs of shorts. One shirt I got for 27 cents and it looks almost new. If I got it at a retail store, it would have more then $10 even on sale.

I like to shop at the thrift stores for Hospice and for Council of Aging's Meals on Wheels since they benefit programs that were a great help to my grandparents in their last years. I also like to shop at the thrift store for Mainstay, which is the local shelter for abused women. They always seem to have nice clothes their too. Then there is the old stand byes of the Salvation Army and Goodwill stores.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Thought for the Day:

"I was envious of the boastful, when I saw the prosperity of the wicked." Psalm 73:3

Have you ever felt that life is unfair? For those of us who are committed to following the will and ways of Jesus, it's easy to get frustrated when people who don't care about Him seem to do well in life. A businessman cheats yet wins a large contract, and the guy who parties all the time is robust and healthy while you or your loved ones struggle with finances or medical issues. It makes us feel cheated, like maybe we've been good for nothing.
If you've ever felt that way, you're in good company. The writer of Psalm 73 goes through a whole list of how the wicked prosper, and then he says, "Surely I have cleansed my heart in vain" But the tide of his thoughts turns when he recalls his time in God's presence: "Then I understood their end."
When we spend time with God and see things from His point of view, it changes our perspective completely. We may be jealous of the non believers now, but we won't be at judgment time. As the saying goes, what difference does it make if you win the battle but lose the war?
Like the psalmist, let's praise God for His presence in this life and His promise of the life to come. He is all you need, even when life seems unfair.
"Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Those who are far from you will perish; you destroy all who are unfaithful to you. But as for me, it is good to be near God. I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge; I will tell of all your deeds." Psalm 73:25-28

Spending time with God puts everything else in perspective!

We must desire the Heavenly reward than cheating ourselves or anyone to gain the earthly wealth.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Where's George? Gathering in Pisgah Forest, North Carolina

Today, I headed over to Pisgah Forest, North Carolina to attend a Where's George? Gathering. The gathering was held at the Gate Keepers Restaurant in the Wal~Mart Shopping Center just outside the gates of the Pisgah National Forest. I enjoyed my time with my follow Georgers as I do at all the gatherings I have gone to. For those new to Mountain Highs and Valley Lows and reminder for the those who have been following, Where's George? is a website used to track where the dollars in your pocket goes after you spend them.

We shared our stats, hits and Where's George? stories. We signed a sheet that newwave brought which has been past around to different Where's George? Gatherings and signed by many Georgers. At the end of the gathering, we took pictures including group pictures.

I was impressed by service we got by the staff of Gate Keepers. I will return there on one of my trip out that way. I hope to get lots of hits off the bills I used at this gathering.

Photo Of The Week: Three Roses

Three roses is different stages of bloom. How beautiful!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Thanking Mom On Mother's Day

Mom is the one who gave us the gift of life. It has a great honor to take time to thank my mother on this Mother's Day. I plan to go with mom to church this morning but my sister renewed her marriage vows at noon. I do not care much for her husband so my brother took her which I went to church. After church, I headed up to Asheville and waited for my mom to call when they finished with my sister. I met up with my brother and mother near the restaurant. After deciding to eat first then doing a little shopping, the three of us eat at Carrabba’s Italian Grill. Mom enjoyed eating with my brother and I, especially since she does not see my brother much with him being busy with work. All of us loved the food and great service. It was mom's and my first time eating at Carrabba's. We will diffidently be eating there again.

After we finished eating, my brother had to head home and mom and I went looking around in some of the store. I got mom a coffee mug she said she liked. I am sure she will get good use of it.I may have to take some of my coffee mugs home to my house so she has room for it. Hey, I like to collect coffee mugs.

Mom has been a great help to me and I try to do things to thank her. Not only on Mother's Day. If your mother is still around please take the time to thank her for the things she has done for you. Mom's gave us life, took care of us when we were sick raised us to be responsible in life, and much more.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Trust and Obey

"Lord Almighty, blessed is the man who trusts in You.” (Psalm 84:11-12)

Abraham and Daniel are some men in the Bible who set an example for us on how they trusted God and obeyed Him.

God tested Abraham when he asked him to go to the region of Moriah to offer his only son, Isaac, as a burnt offering. He obeyed what God had commanded him to do. (Genesis 22:1-19).
They went to the mountain and when they reached the place God had told him about, Abraham built an altar and arranged the wood on it. He bound his son Isaac and laid him on the altar, on top of the wood. Then he reached out his hand and took the knife to slay his son. But the angel of the Lord called out to him from heaven and said, "Abraham!, Abraham!" Do not lay a hand on the boy, do not do anything to him. Now I know that you fear God, because you have not withheld from me your son, your only son. Abraham looked up and there in a thicket he saw a ram caught by its horn. He went over and took the ram and sacrificed it as a burnt offering instead of his son. So Abraham called that place The Lord Will Provide. And to this day it is said, "On the mountain of the Lord it will be provided." The angel of the Lord called to Abraham from heaven a second time and said, "I swera by myself, declares the Lord, that because you have done this and have not withheld your son, your only son, I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore. Your descendants will take possession of the cities of their enemies, and through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed, because you have obeyed me."

Daniel in the Dens of Lions (Daniel 6:1-28)
He is portrayed as one unwilling to compromise, fully obedient to Darius as long as that was possible, but unwilling to disobey the law of God. Hence Daniel knowingly disobeyed a royal decree that prohibited prayer to any other than the king himself. Although he was aware of the consequences, Daniel remained faithful to God.

Many times in my life, I experienced how God works when I fully give my trust to Him and obey His will. Like Abraham and Daniel, we should remain faithful to God. Never fear, only trust and obey.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Activities Planned (You Can Help Choose)

Over the next couple weeks I have a couple things I plan on doing on my time off. I have a couple get-togethers to go to the next two Saturdays. I am also using one of the flex holidays at work the first Monday in June.

This Saturday, I have a Praise and Worship to go to at the house of one of the couples in my Sunday School Class. I am just waiting for a email with the directions to their house. It has been a long time since I have somewhere to sing praise and worship songs outside of services on Sunday morning at church. I do miss doing it and I am sure I will have a great time.

Next Saturday, I am planning on going to a Where's George? Gathering in Brevard. It is be good to see my friends from Where's George? and compare our stats. While over in Brevard, I plan on buying a set of books that I saw the last time I was over there. I hope the store still has them.

The last weekend in May is Memorial Day weekend. At this point, I will at the Monday off. I will spend the weekend relaxing and remembering the man and woman who gave all for the freedoms I enjoy today.

While, my plans for the first weekend in June is not finalized yet. I have a couple things a would like to do. Of course, whatever I end up doing I plan to share my adventure here. So I would like your input on what you think I should do. Please post a comment to tell me your choice.

Here are the options I am considering. You can post a post a comment to tell me which one you think I should take.

First one is a trip on US Highway 64 East heading out of Hendersonville towards the coast of North Carolina. I have already traveled US Highway 64 to Murphy, North Carolina, which is the town before you get to Tennessee. I have only been as far east as Rutherfordton, North Carolina and I want to see what is on US Highway 64 further east. I will take a little time to explore the towns and some of the road side attractions along the way. I have never been to the

Second option is traveling north on the Blue Ridge Parkway up to the Shenandoan National Park in Virginia. The parkway runs through the Appalachian Mountains from the Shenandoan National Park to the Great Smoky National Park in North Carolina. I have been all the way to the Great Smoky National Park. The furthest North on the parkway I have been is to Mount Mitchell State Park. Mount Mitchell is the highest point in the United States east of the Mississippi River.

Third option is a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina to see the Billy Graham Library and other places. I have a couple place in mind but had not decided on any at this time. A tour of downtown will be part of the trip.

Please post a comment with your choice. I will read the comments and make my decision on May 29, 2011. Of course, whichever trip I decide to take I will post about it here.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Dead!

I was relieved to hear the news of Osama bin Laden's death last night before going to bed. I have had a couple friends who have put their lives in damager in the search for him., Fortunately, they came back home safe. I am proud that our troops got this murder. I am sure we will get the rest of the murders associated with him. I hope our troops will be able to come home soon but first we need to make sure the people of Afghanistan and Iraqi have a stable government that will do what is best for the people in their country.

The death of bin Laden is a important step in the War on Terror but not the end. I have not seen the the war as a war on Islam but a war on people using Islam to justify murder of innocent people. I know a couple Muslims and know they just want to live free and be able to practice their religion. We should stand against people like Bin Laden, who use any religion to murder people no matter what religion it is they are using.

As a Christian, I believe we should show Muslims the love of Christ so they will come to know the saving grace of Jesus. The practices of Islam, right or wrong, which I do not what to get into right now, is a separate issue then the War on Terror. I hope peace will come with the death of bin Laden.

Lets continue to support our troops as they continue to fight the War on Terror.