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Monday, April 18, 2011

Food Journey: Holiday Treats

One of the things I enjoy about the holidays is the foods that we only eat around the holidays. As Easter comes near each year, I look forward to eating the Cadbury Creme Eggs. I enjoy the look and taste of the creamy center that looks just like the yoke of a real eggs. Cadbury also makes eggs with Carmel centers that I like too, but I enjoy the Creme Eggs more.

Growing up my grandparents would make a Easter basket full of candy for me. Of course, Cudbury Creme Eggs were is the basket. I was not a big candy eater so the candy would last awhile. My grandfather would usually end up eating the chocolate Easter bunny they put in the basket. Besides the Cadbury Creme Eggs, I enjoyed the jelly beans, chocolate eggs, peeps, and the colored eggs. It was a long on fun dying the hard boiled eggs for Easter. I have dyed eggs with my niece and nephews a couple times.

My mom wants to do a Easter eggs hurt this coming weekend for my niece and nephews. I am sure that I will enjoy hiding the eggs. We will hide the plastic eggs with candy and prizes in them.

My family has holiday feast for Easter, Thanksgivings Day and Christmas. As part of the feast we have a couple foods that we normally only have for the holiday. Some of these foods are deviled eggs, creamed onions, and green bean casserole.

Each year, I look forward to having Little Debbie Christmas Trees Cakes around Christmas time. Then there is candy like candy canes, which I enjoy as while.

Holiday Foods are eaten becomes of traditions, to help remember something and simply because we just enjoy them. What are some of your holiday treats?

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