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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Fun

My sister Mary and her three youngest kids joined Mom and we for a weekend of fun this Easter. Saturday, while Julie's dad watched the kids, Mary, mom and I went shopping for Easter dinner. I was amazed we did not spend as much as we normally do for holiday meals. When we got back to mom's house we had dinner before having the kids dye some Easter eggs. Juan, Julie's dad, enjoy coloring and dying the eggs. It was the first time he dyed eggs. He is from Mexico and they do not do the eggs for Easter there. Julie was having a good time doing the eggs. After the kids dyed the eggs they went to bed. Once the kids were asleep I stuffed about 90 colored plastic eggs with candy for the eggs hunt we planned for Sunday afternoon.

This morning mom and I went to church. We had an incredible worship service for Easter. Pastor Ryan talked a little about the mission trip he just returned from during his sermon. I am thinking about going to the evening service when he and the other members that went with him give their reports.

On the way back to mom's house we picked up my brother, Steven and his girlfriend, Velma. Mary had Easter dinner almost done when we got back to mom's house. Mom helped with the final preparations. The pork roast was perfect as while as all the side dishes that Mary prepared. We sat down and enjoyed the meal.

Mary took the kids somewhere with Juan so I could hide the eggs for the eggs hunt. After I got all the eggs hid Mary called and said she was taking the kids on home since they were falling asleep. While hiding the eggs where not for nothing. I had Steven and Velma hunt the eggs. They kept the candy to share with their friends at the group home.

I believe everyone enjoyed their Easter. Mom was happy to have them over. I also got the air conditioner set up for her. I hope it keeps mom's house cool now the warmer is getting warmer. I enjoyed today but I am glad the next major holiday with so much preparation and activity is several months away.

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