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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Drinks With A Coworker

Last night I met one of my coworkers, Aaron for drinks. Since I started working at the warehouse, Aaron and I try to get together with a couple other people from and have dinner at a restaurant and enjoy time together away from work. We invited a couple others this time but schedules did not work out so Aaron and I when to Chili's just down the road from the Asheville Airport. We enjoyed some beer while we talked about different topics.

Aaron and I share some of the same interest. We both like to travel and try new foods. We called about my trip I took back in February and March of 2009 to the Philippines to visit my Love, Jo Anne. I would like to take a friend with me when I go back to the Philippines. I am should they would enjoy the trip. I do know it would an eye opening experience. Aaron and I have talked about the Philippines on a couple occasions. Maybe once I know Jo Anne's Visa been approved I will ask Aaron if he would like to join me on my trip to bring Jo Anne to the United States.

We also talked about our love of learning and trying new things. We discussed wine, cigars, and different foods. While I was waiting for Aaron to arrived I checked out the wine store next to Chili's and I found out that they have wine tasting on Saturdays afternoons form two and until four. I am thinking about going to one of the tasting to try to find a wine I like. I bought a book last weekend called 500 Cheeses by Roberta Muir which makes wine recommendations. Aaron and I may go sometime and try cigars at a cigar store.

I hope that I have a job that pays better then te jobs I had in the past that I can enjoy enjoy new things with my friends more often. I enjoy going places with my friends and learning about different things.

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