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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Aunt Is Back Home, Car Been Sick

I have the good news that my aunt was released from the hospital on Tuesday and is back home. She has a Physical Therapist that comes to her house and help her with walking and getting active. My aunt is happy to be back home. She feels bad that she can not remember a lot of the week she was in the hospital. I guess that is a side affect of the your blood sugars going up and down. Besides, who really wants to remember being in the hospital.

On the way back home from visiting my aunt in the hospital last Saturday my car overheated. I got to my mom's house when my car died halfway up her driveway. Since I knew the one of the cylinders was misfiring I got some spark plugs and wires and had a coworker's boyfriend help me with a tune up on Monday. My car still would not start after the tune up so I called the garage my mom takes her car to on Tuesday. They tow my car to the shop and had it working by the end of the day. I picked it up on Wednesday morning, it runs so much better now.

While I have a 1996 Brink Park Avenue and I rarely have problems with it. The problem this time was one of the parts in the motor is made of plastic and a hole burned through it and allowed anti-freeze and water to get into the cylinder. The one part alone cost one $200. They had to put new spark plugs in which make getting the plugs and wires before a waste of money. The mechanic did give me a discount on the parts. I have towing on my auto insurance, I will get $50 back for the towing part of the bill.

Between the car repairs and owning more on my income taxes, my savings have dropped down. I have reworked my budget for the rest of April and for May too. If I stick to the budgets I should be able to get my savings back up to pay for emergencies and the Visa processing for Jo Anne. I did budget for getting some new clothes and a book in May so I am not going without a few extra things. I also got a $25 check this week from work for perfect attendance for the first quarter. That money went into my savings. I am so amazed at the ways God provides for my needs.

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