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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Treat to Dad

Yesterday is a great day for me and my dad because we had a chance to go out together after a long time. I treat dad in behalf of my Love Daniel who gave me money to treat dad out for a dinner. We leave at home around 2:30 PM, at first we went to SM City and have our snacks at the food court. Dad only wants to take ice cream, but I bought him some Pork siomai. After eating, we walked around the mall but he cannot take a longer walk because of the pain on his knees brought by arthritis so we need to stopped and sit down every now and then for him to take some rest and relax. Around 4PM, we go straight to Trinoma, I saw how dad really enjoyed going out after a very long time of staying at home. We took our dinner at PVL Cuisine where they served Filipino dishes. He prefer to eat seafood than having pasta, he chose adobong pusit (Squid) and a crab. I bought him also a fresh lumpia and macaroni salad as dessert.
I thank God for the speedy recovery of dad after his operation last February 2, everything is back to normal now and he can urinate well. I hope we can go out again some other time, it helps him feel better and enjoy his time outside and not only staying at home. Thank you my Love for your treat to dad. I hope soon you will be here to join us.


Dan the Mountain Man said...

I am glad you both enjoyed your afternoon out. Maybe I will be able to do it again this summer when we get the good news on your Visa. Plus I have extra money with the overtime that is starting now.

Jo Anne said...

Thank you my Love. I wish you were here to join us. I love you very very very much. Mwahhh.... XXXOXXX