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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Rainy Day

It is raining today. This is the first really good rain we had in a while. It is good to see the rain that is more then a couple drops. After a shorten prayer time, I went back to sleep and slept until two this afternoon. Rainy days make great days for catching up on sleep. When I got up I ate my breakfast and started my day of cleaning and relaxing here at my house and my mom's house. I hope to work on some writing projects this evening.

We have had a couple wild fires in the area over the pass couple weeks. Since they are called for rain all day today and tomorrow I am sure it will lessen the fire risk for the area. Compared to other areas in the world, Western North Carolina is fairly safe when it comes to natural disasters. Wild fires and flooring are our big problems. I do not think we will have anything more then minor flooding with this rain. We have earthquakes here but almost all are 4 or less and you barely feel them. Storms that bring tornado get broken up by the mountains and the ones we have cause minor damage. We are far enough inland that hurricanes are greatly reduced by the time they get here. We do get some wind and floor damage. A couple years ago, when the remains of a hurricane came through the area it blew a big tree branch onto my car. The car had a little damage to the windshield and the roof. The body shop did a great job on the car. When I got it back it looked better then when I brought the car.

After all the snow we had this winter it is good to see rain instead of snow. I am not breathing easy about the snow until the end of March. The biggest snows in Western North Carolina that I have seen have happened in March. It is good that it is warming up now and soon the flower will start to bloom. I am sure I will have some good picture to took for the Photo of the Photo. I did not post a Photo of the Week this week, due to problems with the upload Friday. I should have a new picture next Friday.

While I am going back to enjoying my rainy day now. I hope, I have a productive one.

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