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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Pray and Never Give Up!!!

Indeed, God is working in our lives in ways we cannot see. Sometimes we didn’t understand His will, we pray but we feel that He didn’t answer our prayer and for that reason we almost give up and stumble down.

Daniel and I would like to testify on how God works in our relationship. From the very start of our relationship we put God at the center of our lives; we set a time to pray everyday and never missed any single day without praying together. The more we come closer to God, the more we experience different trials and yet we never give up and look on it as a challenge and a way to deepen our faith in Him. We all know that a long distance relationship is really hard and some people think it will not last for a lifetime. Yes, it is hard but the key to have a successful and fruitful relationship no matter how far you are from each other is trust, constant communication and the most important thing is putting God at the center of your relationship. For those who keep updated on our blog, you know that Daniel and I are committed for 3 years now. We always pray and ask God to find a way for us to be together forever. We have been through with a lot of trials, you know that Daniel lost his job after his vacation in the Philippines to spent time with me and for that reason we cannot go on with the processing. We never stop praying but instead keep our faith to God. God has blessed him with a good job now and become a permanent worker too. We waited for so long to see things moving for us and now we are blessed and thankful to God that everything works together according to His will and purpose. It’s hard to wait but God always put things in His perfect time and place and His will is always the best. Pray without ceasing and never give up. God is preparing the best for us.

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