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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Car-pooling To Work

For the past couple weeks, I have been car-pool with a couple guys from work. While the raising cost of gas, they started organizing car-pooling with people who live near one another at work. The guys I am car-pooling with live along the route that I take to work. We decided to switch off each week who is driving to help share in the cost of gas instead of messing with giving money to one another. This is my week to drive. I save a good bit of money on the weeks the other guys drive.

Gas is my largest expense in a month after my rent, so gas prices going up does not help with the savings. I could be living comfortably if I was not going through the Visa process to get my fiancée here. But in the end, all the cutting back I have done will be worth it when I have the woman I love in my arms. I hope I can continue my discipline with my money and put the money I am saving from car-pooling in savings. I will getting a raise soon at work. I plan to put the different in my savings too.

I miss the days when you could fill the tank of gas in a car for around ten dollars. Now it cost me between 50 and 60 dollars to get a full tank of gas for my car. I am all for developing alternative fuels and energy for cars. While we are developing the alternatives we need to updated the refinery and develop more effective ways to use gas in our cars and other gasoline engines. The alternative fuels will not be developed over night much like the use of gas did not happen in a short period of time. I do not like the use of food sources as alternatives since it causes the cost of food to go up. I believe natural gas, electric and waste products are much better alternatives. We need to stop the doing nothing and start improving on what we use now while developing new alternatives.

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