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Monday, March 07, 2011

Bob Ingle Founder Of Ingles Dies

News broke Sunday that the founder of Ingles Markets has died. Ingles is a grocery store chain in the area based in Asheville, North Carolina. Mr. Ingles opened his first store on Hendersonville Road in Asheville. He learned the grocery business from his father. The Ingles store brand is named after his daughter, Laura Lynn. Ingles now has around 200 stores in six southeastern states.

I remember Bob Ingle as a nice man with red hair. My grandfather worked for Ingles when he retired to Western North Carolina. I also worked work Ingles for a short time. I have had seen and talk with Bob Ingle a couple times over the years mostly when growing up and waiting for my grandfather to get off of work. I also remember seeing Mr. Ingle at the food shows at the Asheville Civil Center, which I am not sure if Ingles does any more. I will have to check on that and go if they still do it because it was something I enjoyed doing when I was a kid.


Ingles Dietitian said...

thanks for your nice comments...we no longer do food shows....

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Thank you for your comments. Mr. Ingle will be miss by many people. He touched many lives.

I always enjoyed the food shows when I was younger. I would love to see them again. I would get more out of them now.