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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Car-pooling To Work

For the past couple weeks, I have been car-pool with a couple guys from work. While the raising cost of gas, they started organizing car-pooling with people who live near one another at work. The guys I am car-pooling with live along the route that I take to work. We decided to switch off each week who is driving to help share in the cost of gas instead of messing with giving money to one another. This is my week to drive. I save a good bit of money on the weeks the other guys drive.

Gas is my largest expense in a month after my rent, so gas prices going up does not help with the savings. I could be living comfortably if I was not going through the Visa process to get my fiancée here. But in the end, all the cutting back I have done will be worth it when I have the woman I love in my arms. I hope I can continue my discipline with my money and put the money I am saving from car-pooling in savings. I will getting a raise soon at work. I plan to put the different in my savings too.

I miss the days when you could fill the tank of gas in a car for around ten dollars. Now it cost me between 50 and 60 dollars to get a full tank of gas for my car. I am all for developing alternative fuels and energy for cars. While we are developing the alternatives we need to updated the refinery and develop more effective ways to use gas in our cars and other gasoline engines. The alternative fuels will not be developed over night much like the use of gas did not happen in a short period of time. I do not like the use of food sources as alternatives since it causes the cost of food to go up. I believe natural gas, electric and waste products are much better alternatives. We need to stop the doing nothing and start improving on what we use now while developing new alternatives.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Treat to Dad

Yesterday is a great day for me and my dad because we had a chance to go out together after a long time. I treat dad in behalf of my Love Daniel who gave me money to treat dad out for a dinner. We leave at home around 2:30 PM, at first we went to SM City and have our snacks at the food court. Dad only wants to take ice cream, but I bought him some Pork siomai. After eating, we walked around the mall but he cannot take a longer walk because of the pain on his knees brought by arthritis so we need to stopped and sit down every now and then for him to take some rest and relax. Around 4PM, we go straight to Trinoma, I saw how dad really enjoyed going out after a very long time of staying at home. We took our dinner at PVL Cuisine where they served Filipino dishes. He prefer to eat seafood than having pasta, he chose adobong pusit (Squid) and a crab. I bought him also a fresh lumpia and macaroni salad as dessert.
I thank God for the speedy recovery of dad after his operation last February 2, everything is back to normal now and he can urinate well. I hope we can go out again some other time, it helps him feel better and enjoy his time outside and not only staying at home. Thank you my Love for your treat to dad. I hope soon you will be here to join us.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Where Did The Week Go?

Wow, I been so busy this week I did not have a change to post here on the Blog. I have been working on two projects this pass week. I glad to say them worked out. Most of my time was going back and forth to the bank to wire money to Jo Anne. It was my first time for a international wire. I guess next time will be easier since I have the information I need now to do it. The other thing was getting some insurance. I managed to find a place that offered the type of insurance I needed. It is good to know I have a plan now to cover the few things I have. I have been busy at work too. I am going in to work later today for a little over time. The extra money will be great to have. I will save it for the rest of the Visa process for Jo Anne.

I hope to have time to work on some things that I'm planning for the Blog this coming week. I hope you all have a great days.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Photo Of The Week: Starting To Bloom

With Spring officially starting on Sunday it is nice to see the flowers and trees starting to bloom.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Still Good People Out There

I am so glad to know that there a still good people out there. I would like to tell you about a couple I know about. They have been a great help in time of need and given excellent service when I have done business with them.

As I told you on Sunday's post I got a flat tire on the way to church. The guy who stopped and helped my friend and I change the the tire made arrangement with his church to pay for a new set of tires for my car. It is good to see that churches like Mountain View Baptist Church in Tuxedo, North Carolina still shows God's love for people.

I also have been going to the shop where I get my tires for serval years now. They are also ways friendly and done a great job. The guys at Kay Road Tire Sales on General Hill Road in Flat Rock, North Carolina do tires and limited car repair. If you live in the Hendersonville area please give Kay Road Tire Sales a try. I am sure you will be as happy with their excellent service as now as I have been. It is so hard to find people I trust to work on my car. Kay Road Tire Sales have never let me down. I have not received received any money or free services for this post. I just feel that great service should be pointed out and shared.

There business has dropped off due to the construction on the US Hwy 25 Connector. They are open and you can get to their shop by taking Spartanburg Highway out of Hendersonville and turn left onto Continental Divide Drive. Then turn right onto General Hill Road. You will see Kay Road Tire Sales on the hill. If you need help finding their shop call them at(828) 693-4649, they will be glad to help you. It is good to call for an appointment for faster service then they already give without one.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments Blog

While as promise with yesterday's post, I want to tell you more about the project I was working on Saturday. On my other blog called Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments, I post pictures of churches, cemeteries, and other memorials. I hope to start sharing poems eventually on the blog. I enjoy doing genealogy research and with that I visit a lot of different church and cemeteries and Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments is my way of sharing my love for these beautiful and spiritual places. I post a picture a day when I am able to take and post some pictures. So please take the time to visit and bookmark Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Incredible Weekend

With Spring starting next week and the weather getting warmer, I planned a trip for Saturday out to Brevard, North Carolina. I did a couple Photo Request for the website, Find-A-Grave and worked on another project for one of my other Blogs, which I will talk about tomorrow. I also went to Brevard to plan other trips to that area this summer so I can write about them on the Blog here.

I spent most of my day in cemeteries and church yards. Some people may find spending time in cemeteries as strange. I find it very relaxing. You do not know what history treasures you may find during a little walk through a cemetery. I have made some interesting discoveries after doing a little research on someone after seeing their headstone.

I spent a little time walking on Main Street in Brevard. I found a whole set of books which I only have one of the set. When I have the extra money, I will have to make another trip out to Brevard and get them. I also saw some other things I would not mind getting. I planned on eating a late lunch at one of the restaurants on Main Street. Unfortunately, the restaurant I wanted to eat at was close when I stopped for lunch. I ended up eating at a Mexican restaurant. It was not a good dining experience. The food was bland and even with the wait staff dressed very nicely the service was leaving much to desire. I will be writing a review on Trip Advisor about it. I do not like doing bad reviews but I hope they improve there food and service.

When I got back to Hendersonville, Mom and I decided to go out to eat since neither one of us felt like cooking dinner. We ate at Applebee's for the first time in a long time. I was impressed with the food and the service we received. I will have to eat at Applebee's more often.

I was late for church this morning and it had nothing to do with the Daylight Savings time change this morning. I got a flat tire on the way to church. God was providing for me this morning in many ways. I had to call a friend to help me with the tire because I could not break the lug nuts and get the tire off to change it. My friend came and helped and another guy stopped to help us. After much work we managed to get the tire changed. I am so blessing to have someone at I can call when I need help and also it was good the flat happen this morning on the way to church instead of tomorrow day when I was in the middle of no where at times. After church the man that stopped to help, called me and said his church will pay for me to get new tires for my car. I can use the money that I was going to used for the tires, I will use to pay for the process to get Jo Anne here and my Emergency Fund.
The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, ~ Luke 6:45a (ESV)

God has blessed me with surrounding me with many good people and I try to be of good heart to others also.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Photo Of The Week: Flooding

We saw some flooding with the rain we had this week. While it was raining Wednesday the water covered the field. The water in the canals is normally three feet lower then you see in this picture.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Bob Ingle Founder Of Ingles Dies

News broke Sunday that the founder of Ingles Markets has died. Ingles is a grocery store chain in the area based in Asheville, North Carolina. Mr. Ingles opened his first store on Hendersonville Road in Asheville. He learned the grocery business from his father. The Ingles store brand is named after his daughter, Laura Lynn. Ingles now has around 200 stores in six southeastern states.

I remember Bob Ingle as a nice man with red hair. My grandfather worked for Ingles when he retired to Western North Carolina. I also worked work Ingles for a short time. I have had seen and talk with Bob Ingle a couple times over the years mostly when growing up and waiting for my grandfather to get off of work. I also remember seeing Mr. Ingle at the food shows at the Asheville Civil Center, which I am not sure if Ingles does any more. I will have to check on that and go if they still do it because it was something I enjoyed doing when I was a kid.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Rainy Day

It is raining today. This is the first really good rain we had in a while. It is good to see the rain that is more then a couple drops. After a shorten prayer time, I went back to sleep and slept until two this afternoon. Rainy days make great days for catching up on sleep. When I got up I ate my breakfast and started my day of cleaning and relaxing here at my house and my mom's house. I hope to work on some writing projects this evening.

We have had a couple wild fires in the area over the pass couple weeks. Since they are called for rain all day today and tomorrow I am sure it will lessen the fire risk for the area. Compared to other areas in the world, Western North Carolina is fairly safe when it comes to natural disasters. Wild fires and flooring are our big problems. I do not think we will have anything more then minor flooding with this rain. We have earthquakes here but almost all are 4 or less and you barely feel them. Storms that bring tornado get broken up by the mountains and the ones we have cause minor damage. We are far enough inland that hurricanes are greatly reduced by the time they get here. We do get some wind and floor damage. A couple years ago, when the remains of a hurricane came through the area it blew a big tree branch onto my car. The car had a little damage to the windshield and the roof. The body shop did a great job on the car. When I got it back it looked better then when I brought the car.

After all the snow we had this winter it is good to see rain instead of snow. I am not breathing easy about the snow until the end of March. The biggest snows in Western North Carolina that I have seen have happened in March. It is good that it is warming up now and soon the flower will start to bloom. I am sure I will have some good picture to took for the Photo of the Photo. I did not post a Photo of the Week this week, due to problems with the upload Friday. I should have a new picture next Friday.

While I am going back to enjoying my rainy day now. I hope, I have a productive one.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Pray and Never Give Up!!!

Indeed, God is working in our lives in ways we cannot see. Sometimes we didn’t understand His will, we pray but we feel that He didn’t answer our prayer and for that reason we almost give up and stumble down.

Daniel and I would like to testify on how God works in our relationship. From the very start of our relationship we put God at the center of our lives; we set a time to pray everyday and never missed any single day without praying together. The more we come closer to God, the more we experience different trials and yet we never give up and look on it as a challenge and a way to deepen our faith in Him. We all know that a long distance relationship is really hard and some people think it will not last for a lifetime. Yes, it is hard but the key to have a successful and fruitful relationship no matter how far you are from each other is trust, constant communication and the most important thing is putting God at the center of your relationship. For those who keep updated on our blog, you know that Daniel and I are committed for 3 years now. We always pray and ask God to find a way for us to be together forever. We have been through with a lot of trials, you know that Daniel lost his job after his vacation in the Philippines to spent time with me and for that reason we cannot go on with the processing. We never stop praying but instead keep our faith to God. God has blessed him with a good job now and become a permanent worker too. We waited for so long to see things moving for us and now we are blessed and thankful to God that everything works together according to His will and purpose. It’s hard to wait but God always put things in His perfect time and place and His will is always the best. Pray without ceasing and never give up. God is preparing the best for us.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Papers Are Signed And Filed!

This is a day we have been waiting for for a long time. This morning, I went to the lawyer's office and signed all the forms for the beginning of the Immigration process for Jo Anne. Jo Anne and I feel a little relieved that the paperwork is filed and now we wait for the next step. For the pass several weeks Jo Anne, the lawyer and his office staff and I have been busy emailing and dropping papers between one another. It was great to sign the papers today knowing this brings Jo Anne and I one step closer to closer to being together forever. We are praying for the best and quick approval for Jo Anne's Visa. We are hoping to have everything taking care of by this time next year. Most of that is because of the way my Vacation Pay works at my job. For those of you who pray, please pray for us and that things get approved quickly and everything comes together. We will love to share our wedding pictures here sooner then later.