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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two Year Old Smoker!

At work my coworkers and I get into some interesting discussion sometimes. Last night at work one of my coworkers showed us the follow video of a two year old from Indonesia smoking.

It is hard to judge the parents of the child, because I do not know the level of education on the dangers of smoking the people in Indonesia receive. Here in the United States, it seems that we hear about how bad it is to smoke. If the child was here he would be taking away from the parents and the parents charged with child abuse. While I do fully agree this is abuse of the child, I do have to ask why the parents are letting the child to smoke at that young of an age? Do the parents not know the harm smoking does to young lungs? Is educating them more about smoking the action needed or taking the child away? Fortunately, the boy is being watched over the Indonesian Child Protective Services. I hope they see that the right thing is done for this little boy. Maybe the dad should be showed a better way to spend the $5 a day, instead of buying cigarettes for his two year old.

I do not smoke but I support anyone's right to smoke if they are old enough to understand the health issues that are involve in smoking. I do not believe second hand smoke is as bad as some people would have us to believe. The biggest problem that I have with smoking is that a lot of smokers just throw the cigarette butts on the ground in stead of the disposal units provided. If you are going to smoke please show some respect for others.

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