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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tuxedo's Heart Destroyed By Fire

Saturday morning, the community of Tuxedo lost what many including me would call the center of the community to fire. Green's Six Oaks was not only a place to get gas but a place to take things for the house, a post office and a meeting place. When someone said, “I will meeting you at Green's.” everyone in Southern Henderson County knew they were talking about Green's Six Oaks.

The gas station was a family run business that opened in 1980 by the late Roscoe Green. Each Fourth of July, as a thank you to the community for their support over the years. Without a doubt they had the best fireworks show in the area. People would come from hundreds of miles away to see the fireworks show. Along with the fireworks provided by Green's Six Oaks, there was gospel singing and Mike's Chuck Wagon's Fourth of July Cookout.

When I lived in Tuxedo, my roommate and I would stop at Green's Six Oaks at the being of trips and to catchup on what was happening in the area. We would often stop in just to buy something to snack on with a drink because of the things the owners' would do for the community.

Even though they did not have insurance on the building, I hope the family will be able to rebuild and become the heart of the community again. Green's Six Oaks will be missed.

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