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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rough Week

This week was almost a complete lose since I was sick for most of it. I got sick on Tuesday which was the day I was going to finish up the immigration things I needed to do for the lawyer that is helping Jo Anne and I. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I barely had enough energy to do my job at work. Each day the symptoms were different. I am glad that I was feeling better of Friday with only a cough and dried sinuses. I was able to get the immigration things done which I drop off to the lawyer on Monday. Time is running out we only have to the the end of the month to get things filed.

I have been taking mom to work in the most of this week, since her car broke down last week. They had to wait for a part to come in due to my mom's car being from the 1980s. I took her to pickup her car Thursday morning. She got her car and we stopped at the ATM up the road a little ways, so I could give her money for gas. I got to the end of the road when mom called me telling me that her car stalled on her again. I turned around and helped her get the car completely off the road. We took her keys back to the garage for the mechanic to go tow and fix her car again then I took mom to on for work. They had her car back running by the end of the day but mom had to wait for me to take her to pick it up on Friday morning since I already left for work.

My church family lost an active member of our church, when someone took the life of Vanessa Mintz on Friday night. She murder was the first homicide in Polk County, North Carolina in years. She recently returned from a mission trip to Pakistan. She will be miss by those who knew her. I thank her for her service to our Lord and Savior Jesus.

I hope that the next post I will have good news to share. With the Green's Six Oaks fire and the death of Vanessa Mintz, it has been depressing to write about these things. Even with the bad news, it is good to see how God provides for us in our times of need.

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