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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Great Week

This past week was a good week. I managed to get most of the paperwork I needed to get for the lawyer to get Jo Anne to the United States. Also, I got a loan to cover the cost of the lawyer and processing fees. I have an appointment next week with the lawyer to officially hire him. The first step will be to see if he can do it and how to go about doing it. I trusted that God will work out everything.

I am now working on helping a friend in his twenties to improve is life. I have taking the rule of a mentor to him. I also have an older man who is a mentor to me. It is a great help to us both. We often comment they we are not sure who helps who more in the mentor relationship. If you know of a younger person, I would encourage you to become a mentor you may getting more out of it the the one you are mentoring.

Things are going good at work. I am almost settled on the benefits that I want to have. I hope to make my final choice by the end of the month. The work load seems to be picking up a little at work and I hope it continues. Looking forward to the pay raise I will get at the end of February. This companies has its problems but it is one of the best ones I have worked for. I hope to work for several years with them.

If you have been following my Blog for some time, you know I would like to get my own ministry or business started. I used this afternoon since I got a good source or income now to look over book to help guide me in starting my business. I will use it to supplement the advice I get from my friends. I plan on buying the book in February. I hope to have a business plan made up by the end of May. The main goal of the ministry or business will be to improve the lives of people in poverty.

I hope you all had a great week and had a even better one ahead. I am expecting snow again this week. I hope I do not miss any work like I did with the last one.

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