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Sunday, December 05, 2010

I Got The Job

While it is official, I am a permanent worker at work starting Monday night. Tuesday night one of the Human Resources guys came to me and handed me the packet of paperwork that I had been waiting for the pass month. I filled out the paperwork and took the drug test on Wednesday. Friday, I came to work early to do the final hiring processing. It feels good to have a more secure job now. Especially, a job that I like going too.

I hope this is the last time for awhile, I have to go through the hiring process. It seems to take longer and longer each time. I thought we have computers now that made it faster. I guess not.

Now that I have a good job, I can focus on the process of get Jo Anne to the United States. I will be calling a lawyer this week to help with her immigration. I am also hoping to go back to the Philippines in October of 2011. I hope to have something setup by that time so Jo Anne can join me on the way back.

I also hope to use the extra money from my job to get a new computer and a couple other things for my house that I have been putting off getting. I need to get myself some new clothes too. The last time I got myself some new clothes was when I visited Jo Anne in the Philippines back in February of 2009. The pass two years have been hard being apart from Jo Anne but God has been preparing us and putting us in the right places.

Now along with getting Jo Anne here I hope to start preparing things for the ministry I hope to start. The goal of the ministry will be to improve the lives of the people in the Philippines. Teaching they life skills while helping with their spiritual and physical needs. This is just one way I hope to Bless other people with the blessings that I have received form God.

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