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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bad Weather and Car Problems

while it as been two weeks since my the post. I am truly sorry. Last weekend we had a snow storm that I was surprise by the amount of snow we got. Normally, we do not get snow when a storm comes in from Tennessee. Snow comes when the cold air comes from the north and and the moisture comes up from the Gulf of Mexico. We got three inches of snow. I decided not to come over to my friend's house to used his computer due to the risk of black ice on the roads.

I have been without water at my house for over a week due to the cold temperatures. A pipe busted somewhere underground. The maintenance crew have been trying to fix it and the other leaks.

My car battery died on me this week. I feel blessed that I had the money to get a new one. It cost me $100 which was twenty percent more then the last battery the I got three or four years ago. I am making more money but it seems that I am able to get and do less things with the money I bring home.

Okay, now for some good news. Even with the bad weather, I did not miss any days from work. I will be getting a cost of living raise in January. God is blessing me with my job so much. With the new year coming in I am starting to think about ways to bring blessing to others in the new year. One of those blessings will be getting my Love, Jo Anne here to the United States form the Philippines. The immigration lawyer is suppose to call me Monday morning. I am hoping things will move quickly for us now that I have a stable job.

I hope everyone has a great week.

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