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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Celebration at Work!!!

Yesterday, I had a post birthday celebration at work. I really appreciate the effort of my coworkers to make my day a memorable one. There is no party but instead a simple gathering with some foods that we partake after a prayer. We had spaghetti, steam fish, puto, cake, ice cream, bread, pinaupong manok (chicken) and pineapple juice as our drinks. Everyone seems to be full after eating together and i really enjoyed the bonding time that we had that day. It seems that we spent the whole day eating, laughing and talking with each other while we are taking care of the kids. Even the kids enjoyed the spaghetti too. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all my coworkers who joined the celebration and for the foods you have shared yesterday as well as to my artistic coworker who made the lettering of my name posted on the wall.

Here are some of our pictures that I would like to share to everyone.

I thank God for my family, friends and of course my Love who made my birthday a special one. Another year of my life, more blessings will come. I will continue to serve the Lord and use my life for His glory.

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