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Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Little Scare And Then Good News!

While everyone this week started out bad then ended on a good note. Things was been slow all week and I been fighting of sickness again. On Thursday, I had a little scare when they let three of the other temps go on my shift at work. I hated to see two of them go because they were good work friends. I will miss seeing them around work. I hope they find other work soon.

Thursday night, I got my first good night sleep all weeks. Friday morning, I did usual Friday stuff of talking with my Love, Jo Anne, getting my paycheck and going a little shopping for house supplies. That all went smoothly and even had a chance to clean my car. Then I got to work. Everything was going as normal until after dinner break when my supervisor came up to me and handed me an application for a permanent job. Now I will be filling out the paperwork this weekend. I hope to get the permanent job and things pick up at work. I have been praying for another friend at work that was not offered a permanent job. needless to say she was a little upset since she been there longer then the other temps. I hope see sticks in there. I sure the next opening will be hers.

I hope that I can being you guys more good news soon about work and the process to get Jo Anne here. May you all have I blessed week.

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