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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Bright Side Of Allergies

This week my allergies have acted up. They have not brought me to a complete stop but at time they make it hard to do things (like breathe). This was one of the bad years were I got allergies in both the spring and the fall. Since my freshman year of college, when I had a bad cold, I had a problem with allergies. Since then I have got they in the spring or the fall but not in both most years.

I have sent the last couple days thinking about the positive side of allergies. yes there is a positive side. My allergies are caused by pollen from plants. I see that a couple days of discomfort as worth the beauty of the flowers and trees I see a round me. I also can get my pay back by eating the plants and using them for other helpful applications.

I guess one of these days, I will check to see want I react to to cause my allergies. For now, my allergies are normally not that bad to bother checking. Besides, most of the time it is only a couple days I need to deal with them.

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Jo Anne said...

I pray you feel a lot better soon my Love. I love you very much!