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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thank God For Overtime!

I was not able to do a post last Sunday due to my friend being out of town. I borrow his computer until I an able to get my own. I have been working a lot the past two weeks. I have worked nine hour shifts both weeks and this coming week will be nine hour shifts too. I hope working Saturday like not be canceled this week if at is posted like the last two weeks. I am glad Jo Anne was able to post a couple times.

I am tired but I am glad that I am getting overtime and not a boot out the door due to lack of work. Besides, I am trying to save up the money to get Jo Anne here and a new computer. I almost feel like I will never get the money but I did it before and I will do it again. With God's help of course. I thank God everyday for my job and pray for wisdom to use the money in a way that honors him.

I have been trying a new way to do my monthly budget this month and at seems to be working better for me. What I have done this month is do a full month budget to make sure I get all my bill and other expenses covered for the month, then I break it down by paycheck. I also decided to start each budget month with the paycheck after my rent is due. Now when I get my paycheck I just go down the list for that check and have everything taking care of.

I hope everyone has a blessed time until my next post.

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