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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nice Surprise!

Friday, I got a nice surprise when I deposited my paycheck in the bank. Unemployment deposited some back pay that was own to me that I did not know about. It was good news and it will help with money I need to save up to get Jo Anne here. I love when God provides such great surprises.

This week, I will be meeting with one of the ministers at my church to see about resources the church may have to help me. Maybe he can help us find someone to sponsor Jo Anne for her visa to the United States. I am sure things will move quickly for us as soon as we find someone. All my life, I have seen God provide the right people or resources at the right time. It often seems to be the last possible moment when he does it to me but I have come to trust that God will provide.

Okay, back to the surprise money. Twice this past month, I have schedule to work overtime on Saturday only to see it canceled on the Friday before. The deposit did make up for the overtime that was canceled and I still met my savings goal for September. I need to sit down and plan out my budget for October now. I have talked to two of my friends that have some short-term projects coming up that they may have me help them with. I also am looking at getting a second job which all the money from it would go to build up my savings for emergencies and Jo Anne's papers.

I pray that I will have more blessings to share with your very soon. I continue yo trust God to provide for all my needs.

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