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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sick This Past Week

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this past week, I was sick. I ended up going home from work on Tuesday. I was dehydrated to the point I stopped sweating and drinking water made me sick. At that point I was suffering from heat exhaustion. After a hour in the heat of the warehouse, I decided it was best to head on home. My health is more important then the money I may have made by staying. I felt good enough on Wednesday to go back to work. I was happy that they post the sheet for working Saturday on Thursday so I ended the week with one hour overtime for the week. God is great.

When I am at work, I am drinking water all the time. I wear a CamelBak as I work so I drink water without having to stop working to go get water. When work in a hot environment like I do it is very important to keep hydrated. Besides drinking lots of water, you want to take breaks every once in a lot to cool down. If you are working in the heat and you stop sweating, you need to stop and do something to cool down. Sweating is your bodies way of cooling down. Read this for more information about heat exhaustion.

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