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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting Closer To A Permanent Job

There was two more permanent jobs awards this week at work. While I am still a temp worker. The good things is I got a great chance to be hired on permanently with the next job offering. There is a lot of changes going on at work and I have heard that sales are up. They have brought more temps in so that means less overtime but, the pay raise I got a couple weeks ago makes up for that. it will be even better when I get a permanent job.

As for the other things going on in my life, they have been just as busy. We are trying to find someone to sponsor Jo Anne to come to the United States. We hope to find someone soon. My friends and I are sure we can find someone at my church who will be willing to help. My pastor as been doing a sermon series out of the Book of Job, it has been a great encouragement. You can here the sermon online at my church's Media Archive.

My places is looking more like a home now. I brought two sets of shelves for my books. I still needs at least one more. But I have room to move around in my living room now. I will try to organize my front room this week, which I plan to use as a office. Right now, it is more or less a storage room. I thinking a file cabinet and some shelves may help to there too. I stopped by Best Buy one day this week before work and looked at computers. I hope to be able to get a new one soon. The guy working there was very helpful and knowledgeable. Best of all he did not try to up sell me but, tried to help me find a computer that met my needs. Because of that I most likely going there to buy my computer. Once I get the computer, you will see more and better Blog post.

I hope everyone is doing good out there. may God bless all of you greatly in the future.

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