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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Week Of Blessings!

This was a good week for me. As you can tell from the title of this post, I had several blessings this week.

It started last Sunday with Fourth Of July celebrations. My church had a great morning service. Then Sunday evening, my mom and I went down to Green Six Oaks in Tuxedo, North Carolina and enjoy the food, music, and fireworks. Another great fireworks show this year, it is the best in Western North Carolina. I met up with my old roommate and best friend there, we caught up with wants been going on and plans for the future.

I enjoyed having Monday off, which I spent working on moving things in and organizing them at my house. On Wednesday, the Human Resource person can around the told my that I got a pay raise. Even through it was to start with next week's check, i loved the surprise to see it on this week's check. Then I worked Saturday night, so I got forty hours for next week's check. Do not get holiday pay yet. My friend and mentor helped me Saturday with moving more stuff from my storage to my house. I hope that tomorrow, I can get the rest of the stuff out and moved into my house. If I do, I can avoid having the pay the rent for the storage unit for another month.

In the area of my bills, the only bills that was more that I planned on was my cell phone bill. It was only more by less then a dollar. The other bills were less then planned. Especially, if I can avoid paying rent on my storage unit this month, I hope to use the extra money to get some maintenance done on my car and have money to put aside for getting Jo Anne here.

I hope everyone has a week full of blessings this week. Remember, the best way to enjoy a blessing is the use it to bless others.

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