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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Relying On God's Provisions

This past week, I have been thanking God for all he provides for me. This week I had to take my car to the garage due to a crack in the radiator. I was a little upset over it at first, but after I thought it over I relied that God provided me with the money and a ride to work. I do not like relying on people when it comes to rides to places I need to be. I hate waiting on people and like to be places on time. I got the radiator fixed and the thing it cost less then what I was planning on it to cost. Plus, the mechanic finished it the same day I took it in, when he told me it would take a week.

Then Jo Anne got test results back from the doctor that surprised her. She is sick and needs to take medication for the next six months to take care of the infection. we hope that the sickness will not have an ill affect on her visa. I hope to start of the paperwork this month. Please pray for her quick recovery.

In all my life, I can see the many times God has provided what I need at the time I need it. I have been focusing on relying of God's provision's a lot in the few years. He has never failed to come through.

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