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Saturday, July 31, 2010


I did not have a chance to post last week, but I am glad Jo Anne posted something. My friend and I were helping I friend move out of a garage he was renting for his business. That is just one of many changes that have happen and are happening for me and the people in my life.

Here is the last few weeks I have slowly working on getting my house fully moved into. I have just a little more stuff in my storage. It will be interesting not to have to pay the storage rent after about ten years. Now I need to work on getting a few new things for the house. This week at work they have been training me on loading the truck. Them maybe moving me from packing over to the truck. I would prefer staying in packing, but I just happy to have a job. The job is making the biggest change in my life possible. I hope over the next few months to have things moving on getting Jo Anne here to the United States. Yes, marriage maybe the biggest change in someones life. I am so excited.

As for my mom, she has gotten some new furniture for her house. One of her neighbors have moved out and another one is moving out in a couple days. Then the house across from her apartment that has been empty since mom moved into her place had a family move in this month.

My friend who lets me use his computer so I can check e-mail and make these post is getting more calls for his business. I hope it continues to improve for him.

I am looking forward to some of the changes that are going and not to some of the others. Good or bad changes, I will adjust to them. I know that God has a reason for letting the changes happen. Changes are a part of life and is what makes life interesting. Life would be so boring without changes.

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