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Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Place Becoming More A Home!

Now with my new job, I have been able to start getting things to make my new place more a home. This is the first month I had power on at my place. And this week a got air conditioner and a propane tank. I found the 6500 BTU air conditioner at the Council On Aging Thrift Store in town for $70. It works great and my trailer is a lot cooler now. The propane tank is for the gas stove. I will still be eating most meals at my mom's house.

I have been spending most of this week cleaning around my place. I feel like I have a new bathroom after I cleaned it. Having light to see really helped me see where I needed to clean the most. The people who rented before me had a cat. It looks like they had its liter box in the bathroom. After wiping everything down with bleach and Pine-Sol the whole place looks and swells better.

I am trying to move everything out of my storage over to my house. Save some money there. I doing it piece by piece so I can put things where I want them as I go. It is slowly turn into the place I want to live in.

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