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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Oh Baby, It Is Cold Outside!

For the past week, it has not been above freezing here in Western North Carolina. This is the longest cold snap in over twenty years. I have been staying inside where is been warm as much as we can. The wind chili has been below zero degree Fahrenheit (minus eighteen degree Celsius). The wind is what makes it bad since it makes it feel colder plus the wind cut through some of the layers of clothing. While the good news is in a couple days the weather service is calling for it to warm up.

Winter is my favorite season but this cold is a little to cold for me. I love the snow but the little snow that is left is hard a rock now. The water at my house has froze. But the good things about the cold weather and the problems that come with it is you see the blessings that God has provided. I have been taking my showers at my mom's house. I think mom enjoys having me around.

I am starting to long to head to the Philippines to spend sometime with Jo Anne. It is some warm there. The cold weather will most likely be the biggest adjustment she will have to make when she gets here. I will make sure sure she has plenty of warm clothes to wear and a warm home to come home too.

I hoping when the weather warms up a little bit to go out and do some exploring around the area. I trying to think of some places to share about here on Mountain Highs and Valley Lows! I hope you all keep warm out there.

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