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Friday, December 18, 2009

White Elephant Christmas Party

Tonight, I went to my Sunday School Class's Christmas Party. I enjoyed myself a great deal. We had a White Elephant Gift Exchange.

Rules for a White Elephant Gift Exchange

1. Bring a joke gift under ten dollars.
2. Wrap it or put in bag.
3. Pick a number in the hat. Take your turn by the number you picked.
4. On your turn you can pick a gift from the pile of gift or steal a gift from someone else.
5. A gift can only be steal three times.
6. At the end, the person who goes first can choose to keep their gift or steal a gift.

I have a idea for a gift this year but did not have time to go where I seem the gift before the party. While I was Christmas shopping with my mother Wednesday night I found some mold-able foam shop at Wal~mart. When I was that, I said to myself someone would have fun with that. Kelly picked my gift which is good since she has a little girl. Tray, her husband, told me that they will tell me how mold-able the soap is. I hope a remember to ask because I really want to know if it really is mold-able foam soap.

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