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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Snow Report

Okay, here is my promised snow storm report. I was surprised by the amount of snow we got here Friday. We received eight to twelve inches of snow compared to the one to three inches we normally get with a snow storm. This is the most snow we have received in the area since the Blizzard of 1993. We got over two feet with that storm.

I decide Friday morning to head to mom's house to ride out the snow storm. I figured that I would have a better chance of getting somewhere if I needed too at mom's house since she lives closer to town. Plus mom needed to work this weekend and she does not like driving in the snow. I do not mind driving in bad weather. I only worry about the other people on the road with me during the bad weather. I know want I doing and do not know want they are going to do.

Mom had to work Saturday. After she called to see if they were open I managed to get her car out and mom to work. Unfortunately, I was not able to get her car back up to her driveway. I ended up parking her car in the parking lot of a store about a mile away from her house. I walked about halfway back to my mother's house before someone gave me a ride the rest of the way. I hope to get mom's car back to her house this afternoon.

Saturday afternoon, when I had to pickup I managed to get my car out. It took me a couple tries but I was able to get my car back to mom's house. I car weight a lot more then my mother's car.

I would like to thank the men and women with the Department of Transportation for getting the roads cleared. They had a hard time clearing the roads due to the amount of snow, the number of accidents, and the numerous abandoned cars. Many people were stuck on Interstate 26 in Asheville for over nine hours when a truck jack knifed. Many abandon their car for near by hotels and emergency shelters. The abandoned car made it harder to clear the roads. The National Guard, Police and Firefighters help people move their car. People who did not return to move their cars had them towed by the state troopers. All of our emergency workers have done a great job.

I have been amazed at the number of people out on the roads Sunday and Monday. Tier where a ton of people at Wal-mart in town but things for the snow and finishing their Christmas shopping. Everyone seemed to be claim in the store. I can not say much about the bad driving habits some people have even in bad weather. Slow down and be careful please!


Valerie said...

You too be careful on those roads. It's icy over here in the UK, I'd rather have snow than sheets of ice. I won't be going far.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Thank you Valerie! I am just waiting for the driveway to clear for so I can park the car closer to my house.