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Thursday, December 17, 2009

School Is Out For Christmas

Yesterday, I had my final exam for math class. That finishes up my school work for this semester. I still not sure I I will go back next semester yet. I really need focus on getting a job or so form of income so I can get things moving forward with Jo Anne's Visa. Besides, I believe I only passed my math class. I did not do as good as good on the final exam for my math class as I would have like to done. Right in the middle of the exam my brain just blinked out. I have been fling through all the test in the school except the final. I am sure I still passed the exam.

I do have one thing I look forward to during Final Exam Week at school and that is the textbook buy back at the book store. I got $147 this semester for selling my textbooks back. They did not buy my management book back. While a $147 is good for three book. I used half to pay a bill and the rest I put in my savings. When selling your books back to the book store you can figure on getting about twenty percent of what the books cost. We all could use a little extra money right now.

While, I will spend my Christmas break looking for work and debating if I will return to school next semester. I have some much going on right now. I to busy to really dedicate the time needed for school. If I do go back next semester I need to change my schedule around anyway. I am even thinking of changing my major. I have a couple of weeks to decide.

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