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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Review of 2009

With 2009 coming to an end, it is time to look back on the year. This has been a year of great happiness and hardship for me. I for the most part am happy to see it come to an end with the hopes that 2010 will be a lot better.

Even with the hardships of this year, I can point to many blessings that happen in 2009. The biggest one is my trip to the Philippines where I spent seventeen days with my fiancée. I proposed to Jo Anne while we were in Baguio during the Panagbenga Festival.

I enjoyed my trip to the Philippines and hope I can return soon. Unfortunately, when I got back from the Philippines I found out I had no job to go back too. After three months of being unemployed I got a job that if I knew how the company runs thing I would not have applied for the job. I was making less at that job then I was on unemployment. Was made promises that was not kept. Then getting fired because someone messed up. Now I am back on unemployment now looking for work. But, I am sure that I will find a better job soon.

I also went back to school this fall. I learned a lot. I did not do to good with my grades with working full time and school full time. I also got sic, too.

I was sadden this year to lose my favorite music artist, Michael Jackson. May he rest in peace. I pray for his family.

I managed to get my car paid off this year. No more car payments and closer to being debt-free. I hope the car last me at least another two years.

I am hoping that 2010 goes a lot better then 2009 did for me. I have a good base to start the year with.


Valerie said...

Popped in to wish you a Happy New Year. May your personal sun shine brightly throughout the coming months. With Jo waiting for you things can only get better.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Valerie - Thank you for the Happy New Year wishes! Jo Anne and I hope you and your family have a year full of blessings.