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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

No More Car Payments

Yesterday, I reached one of my goals for becoming debt free. I paid off the loan on my car. Boy, the car drives so much better now that I do not own any money on it. Unfortunately, since I do not have a job at this time, I am not able to do the celebration that I was planning to do. Now the only debt I have is my students loans, which I should be able to knock out quickly after Jo Anne and I get everything settle with getting her here and married. Having no car payment will make it easier to save up the money that we need for the Visa process and getting started with our lives together.

I am looking up both a job and a new place to live. I have until the end of January to find a new place. The hard part will be finding a place to rent that I can keep my dog, Rayna. Speaking of Rayna, I am going to have to setup a run for her at the house since she been trying to get after my landlord's cat. I mostly let Rayna run free since she stays around the house most of the time. Putting she on the run while we are still at this place I hope will make it easier for her to adjust to not being as free to run as she is used to. I hope to let her inside the house when I am home at the next place we live. She does behave very will in a house when I bring her along with me to mom's house. She is not aloud in the house that I am renting at this time. I hope she will adjust to being in the house or on a run at our new place to live.

The package that I sent Jo Anne and her family, is waiting for Customs clearance right now. I hope she gets it later on today. I wish that I could have delivered the gifts myself instead of having to ship them. I am glad that God blessed me with the money to be able to send them something. I believe that better times are ahead when we can spend Christmas together.


Valerie said...

Hi Dan, thanks for visiting my blog. It's always a good feeling to get rid of debts. Hope you have a great Christmas.

Dan the Mountain Man said...


Thanks for visiting my Blog. Yes, the freedom you get feels good when you pay off a debt. I hope to be debt free soon.